The Herald, July 2014

        It was a blah type of day. Nothing in particular was wrong. No one said anything or did anything to put me in a mood. I guess I just woke up this way. In a blah mood. The girls at work are in a cheery mood and it is not one of those crazy, hectic days. I slept pretty well and I am not tired. I’m just in a blah mood. The girls are going out to eat today, but I think I am just going to grab a burger at the snack shop. Don’t feel much like gossiping today. It must be my blah mood.

        Ten to twelve. Well, I might as well go eat. I got to my car and all of a sudden it went into autopilot! Instead of the snack shop, I found myself heading to the strip mall. For some reason I couldn’t turn the wheel away from the entrance. As I pulled up in front of the Ladies Apparel III store, my eyes were fixated on the huge red sale sign. What a beautiful sign. It beckoned me to go inside.

        I opened one of the large double doors and stepped inside. My eyes darted left, then right. Which way should I go? I headed toward the ‘end of season’ area but quickly turned at the purple sweater. Ahh, the new fall line. So soft. So deeply rich in color. Transformation. My blah mood was lifting. I caressed the soft knit imaging it against my body. I just had to have it. My mind scanned the balances on my credit cards like a super computer. Click, there was one with room to spend.

        I found my size and clenched the hanger in my hand. I could feel the compelling draw from the shoe department. Hypnotized by the smell of nubuck leather I entered. Soft suede booties in the same deep purple of my treasured sweater. Is this a dream? What a perfect match! It was like e-harmony in a shoebox. I was in love.

        As I drifted toward the cashier, my mind paired my finds with a lovely pair of cream pants I had at home. I nodded and smiled as my coworkers cast admiring glances at me as I strolled the office runway. Yes the blahs have left. I left them in the parking lot of the mall. Burger? I am not even hungry any longer.

        My inner soul is full on my purchases. Truly satisfied I am. I sign my slip and stuff it in my wallet.

        With a skip in my step I head back to my car. Back to work. Oh, the miracle of shopping!



About barbaraswrittenwords

I am a writer, farmer, certified herbalist, friend and child of God. I try to create streams of words that flow to please all those who read them.
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