The Everlasting Choice

The Herald, June 2015

Abby floated effortlessly away from her body. As she gazed back, she could see her body stiffening. She thought how she looked cold and lifeless, yet she felt warm and alive. Is this what death felt like? As she ascended through the soft billowy clouds a gate in the distance came in view. Slowly, but steadily, she was carried toward this Golden Gate. There were moments where she felt like she was swimming through a blue ocean sky and moments where she just glazed over the icing of clouds.

As she approached the gate, she was able to focus on the line of people waiting. Drawing nearer, her legs straightened and she found herself standing. Unable, and not wanting, to speak she took her place in the line. One by one they approached the gate. The Gate Master quietly spoke to each one. After a moment or two the person walked to a long bench and sat down. Every so often, one person would nod their head and instead of going to the bench, they would vanish in a smoky haze. Abby nervously approached the Gate Master. Like a statue, he stood tall and majestic. His aura was serene and he emanated a calming presence.

He bent toward Abby and gently asked, “Do you want to be reborn? You can have three minutes to decide.”

She now understood. Those would nodded yes were immediately returned to Earth. Abby smiled graciously and moved toward the bench. What a tough decision she was faced with. She thought back over her life. She had a great life until the car accident. She was only thirty-two, yet she felt she had lived a full life. What a wonderful upbringing she had. She adored her parents and her brothers. What would happen if she were reborn? Would she then have a new family or maybe none at all? Would she be rich or poor? Would there be abuse and misery? She didn’t know. She knew there were no promises.

Nevertheless, if she decided not to be reborn, what would be her outcome then? She reflected back on her life again. She saw all her friends in her church. She felt her faith in God, the faith that had carried her through her thirty-two years. She reviewed her errors, her faults and her indiscretions. She recalled how each time she faltered she had always prevailed because of her faith. She knew God never let her walk alone. She glanced down the bench. She observed all the way down to the far end. She could see an angel like figure addressing them one by one. Some disappeared in the same smoky haze as before. They had chosen to be reborn, she presumed. A white shadowy silhouette escorted the others, some to the right and some to the left. Was one direction Heaven and the other hell? She did not know.

Abby felt herself moving down the long bench as those ahead of her made their decision. She was confused. She turned to speak to the one beside her but found she was unable to utter a sound. Again, she rekindled the memories of her life. Remembering those she cared for, those she helped and guided. Before she could think anymore it was her turn. She was at the end of the line, the end of the bench. She was approached by who she could now see was an Angel.

“Do you want to be reborn?” the Angel asked her softly.

Abby hesitated only for a brief moment and then smiled. “No,” she replied.

The Angel smiled back at her and motioned to another Seraph who escorted her to the right. As she passed through the towering golden arches of the gates she grinned with pleasure. She could feel the small bud like wings begin to sprout from the center of back. She saw others with wings. As she ambled she was stripped of her bloody garments and clothed in a long white robe. It flowed as she stepped. A lovely golden rope belt draped her waist with tassels that hung down by her knees. As she glanced around she felt at home. She knew where she was. Her heart filled with joy and contentment. Her Angel led her silently toward an immense throne.

She knelt at the foot of the throne and with and overwhelming joy whispered, “Father.”

The Lord reached down and gently brushed her cheek with his hand as he spoke, “Welcome, my child; welcome home.” Abby bowed her head and sighed. She knew she had made the right choice. She had been reborn.


About barbaraswrittenwords

I am a writer, farmer, certified herbalist, friend and child of God. I try to create streams of words that flow to please all those who read them.
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