The Salad Bar

The Herald, September 2014

Friday evening my girlfriends and I decide to go to the Buffet Station and then to a movie. The Station has the most wonderful salad bar, and we are all on diets, as usual.

We meet in the parking lot of the restaurant at six. Table for five we all exclaim in unison. We announce to the waitress that we are having the $5.95 salad bar special.

Leaving our jackets behind, we head toward the glass-domed case. I grab a plate and dig to the bottom of the organic mix of greens. The bottom is always the freshest since they pour the older greens on top of the newer bowl. The selections are tremendous! I top my mescal mix with everything. Fresh mushrooms and peppers. Scallions, chickpeas and tomatoes. Hard-boiled egg crumbles and black olives. Sunflower seeds, cucumbers and chopped celery. Shaved carrots with raisins. Cheddar, Swiss and feta.

Tofu cubes and green and red grapes.

As we make our way down the endless stainless canisters of garden delights we gab. We gab about how beautiful our salads look. How healthy and diet-conscious we are. We pass of course the ham, pepperoni and bacon. That would be much too fattening!

At the end of the table we find the dressings. Italian. Russian. French. Blue cheese. Caesar. Ranch. Vinegar and oil.

I stare across the sea of dressings and make my decision. Lifting the small ladle I start to spoon. One. Two. Three. Four ladles of Blue Cheese. Yes, I know it is the most fattening of them all. But, what the heck, I didn’t take the bacon bits!


About barbaraswrittenwords

I am a writer, farmer, certified herbalist, friend and child of God. I try to create streams of words that flow to please all those who read them.
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